The Annex Galleries has acquired a broad selection of single impressions of Max Pollak's prints and drawings, including his early work from  throughout Europe, the Holy Land, the United States, Latin America as well as many of his large portraits of dancers and noted personages.

We are currently in the process of cataloging them and have added them to our website, often without prices. If any of these images interest you further please contact the Annex Galleries at artannex@aol.com.

If you have further information about the print or the subject we would love to talk with you. Our ultimate aim is an on-line catalogue raisonné of Pollak's prints.

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 The Print of the Day!!

The Print of the Day!! is a curated daily online exhibition detailing a different print, chosen by the Annex for its interesting backstory. It began as an emailed daily blog, and we’ve since expanded the exhibition to our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Additionally, all the works are compiled here, in alphabetical order, for your perusal. Go to Intro to learn more about the exhibition and how to sign up for the daily blog, or simply head straight over to View!

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This on-line exhibition combines two projects from the WPA era in Northern California. The first are prints from the California Works Progress Administration (WPA) which was part of the Federal Arts Project (FAP) and the second are prints that were published by the San Francisco Chronicle in 1940.
In 1987, the Annex Galleries, in association with a collector from the east coast who was a former employee of War Assets Administration and the General Services Administration, mounted The Federal Art Project. The exhibition included a total of ninety-four prints, mostly lithographs, produced in the WPA-FAP. There were also an additional thirteen lithographs printed by California WPA printer Ray Bertrand (1909-1986) that were published by the San Francisco Chronicle in 1940 as part of their Contemporary Graphics series.
The gallery recently located another group of these WPA-FAP prints from the same source, who is now deceased. We have decided to redo the earlier concept as one of our on-line exhibitions, this time focusing on the Northern California WPA. For a more detailed introduction to the WPA-FAP project, click on this link: Introduction. To go directly to the on-line exhibition click on this link: WPA-FAP Prints from Northern California.
When viewing the thumbnails please click on the image to get further information on the work, including the price.
ATTENTION: Most of these prints have had labels attached to the verso or other physical problems, which the prices generally reflect. Please contact the gallery for further condition reports. These prints are RARE and finding an example in "perfect" condition is nearly impossible though, for the most part these can be restored.
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Portrait prints, drawings and photographs of artists, musicians, actors, authors, etc.  This special exhibition is an adjunct to our other on-line "Portraits in Print" exhibition.  This features self portraits and portraits of other people, real and fictional, who have been connected to that broad world of the Fine Arts.

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Printmakers have always been drawn to the creation of a series of works done to illustrate a text; the work of a poet, a work of fiction, a masterpiece, etc. Or, the artist can design and create his or own book, from the paper it is printed on to the binding that is used and everything between the covers.

This small exhibition is a selection of such works from our inventory.

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An on-line exhibition of portraits.  Unlike our exhibition of Artists' Portraits this features portraits of all kinds - photographic to abstract and in all media.

This exhibition will change as our inventory changes and should always be up to date.

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