Witness: Women Artists Depict Women
June 1st through August 3rd, 2024
In person and online

A selection of works from our inventory depicting women, as drawn, painted, printed, or photographed by women artists spanning the 19th through the 21st centuries. These works enrich the history of modern art, bringing to light the offerings of people who have often been overlooked or dismissed due to their gender. In "Witness," we offer insight into the realms of women who create for the sake of their art and themselves. 

This show will be available to view in person as well as online on our Exhibitions page.



OnPaper.Art: A Hub for Original Fine Print Gallery Exhibitions

When the pandemic changed the landscape for businesses that relied on in-person events, the Annex Galleries gathered together with fine print dealers from all over the United States and beyond to create a virtual dealer's hub, This allowed us the ability to host virtual exhibitions, provide insight into each gallery's expertise, and continue bringing orginal fine prints to collectors the world over. We've kept up this new format even as the world transitioned back to in-person events - and even as we hold our own events in the gallery. Keep an eye out for upcoming shows! 

The Annex Staff