Close Together (also called "Couple") by Christiaan Karel Appel

Close Together (also called Couple) by Christiaan Karel Appel

Close Together (also called "Couple")

Christiaan Karel Appel


Close Together (also called "Couple")

1976 -77 
multi-color wooden sculpture, hand painted multiple 
Image Size
29" H, 28-3/4" W, 8-1/4" D on a 1-7/8 by 13-3/4" black circular Lazy Susan base. 
pigment signed, lower left front; ink signature on certificate collaged to bottom of stand 
Edition Size
Hors Commerce (H.C.), apart from the published edition of 50 (plus 15 other proofs) 
certificate of authentication glued to bottom of stand with ink edition number (H.C.) and signatures of Walter Maibaum of Editions Press and Appel; red painted "EP", "HC" and "©". 
Editions Press 352; de Visser & Hagenberg #76-002 
published, each varies in colors 
Editions Press, San Francisco 
Inventory ID

Karel Appel did this sculpture as part of a series he did in San Francisco at Editions Press, this in a total edition of 65. The structure was constructed by Editions Press and each work was then hand painted by Appel and will vary greatly from sculpture to sculpture.

There was an edition of 50, numbered 1/50 to 50/50; 7 Artist's Proofs, reserved for the artist, 7 H.C. proofs (of which this is one), reserved for the collaborators; and one Museum Proof for Appel's museum collection.

The certificate of authenticity reads: "The Following Colors Were Used in Painting These Original Sculptures: 1. Hyplar Cadmium Red, Medium; 2. Hyplar Manganese Blue; 3. Hyplar Titanium White; 4. Hyplar Cadmium Yellow, Deep; 5. Hyplar Permanent Green; 6. Hyplar Purple. 7. Hyplar Cadmium Red, Light; and 8. Hyplar Mars Black. The Artist Has Also Mixed A Number Of The Above Colors to Achieve Variant Colors."

The work is attached to the circular base, which is a Lazy Susan, allowing the sculpture can be rotated 360°. The certificate is on the bottom of the base.