Genesis 1:5 (also called "Brook I) by Harold Emerson Keeler

Genesis 1:5 (also called Brook I) by Harold Emerson Keeler

Genesis 1:5 (also called "Brook I)

Harold Emerson Keeler

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Genesis 1:5 (also called "Brook I)

color lithograph 
Image Size
20 1/4 x 15" image and paper size 
pencil, in image, upper right 
Edition Size
5 of 20  
pencil titled, in image, upper center; pencil editioned in image, upper left; Tamarind chop, lower center at bottom edge. 
Tamarind 481 
buff BFK Rives wove 
artist and Tamarind Workshop (chop in lower center) 
Inventory ID

Colorado-born printmaker Harold Keeler worked in the Colorado WPA after studying at the Art Institute of Chicago. During the 1930s he also worked as a Master Printer in Denver and was employed by the Denver Art Museum as a Print Researcher, focusing on Albrecht Durer's woodcuts. In 1942 he moved to Seattle, Washington. He was one of the first printmakers to work at Tamarind Lithographic Workshop, Los Angeles in 1961, where he was also an early Master Printer.

Keeler abandoned his Precisionist line from the 1930s for an Abstract Expressionist approach to the stone. "Genesis 1:5" was done at Tamarind Lithographic Workshop between January 2 and 16, 1962 and was printed there by Keeler, using 3 stones - black, red, and blue. The edition was 20, plus 14 various other proofs. The Tamarind catalogue raisonné did not have an image to reproduce.

The biblical passage Genesis 1:5 refers to the creation of the world, Chapter 1, verse 5 that loosely translates to 'God called the light “day” and the darkness “night.” And evening passed and morning came, marking the first day'. Keeler creates a large red circle, appearing behind a calligraphic, controlled chaos of black lines. In the upper corner is a small patch of blue sky is visible.


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