Witness: Women Artists Depict Women - Introduction

Opening June 1st and running through August 3rd:

Witness: Women Artists Depict Women

In recent years, the art world has seen drastic changes in its attitude toward artists who’ve been relegated to “minority” status: women, people of color, LGBTQ+, and others. The Annex Galleries has observed this evolution since 1971, and, in keeping with our goal of illuminating overlooked and forgotten artists, it is our hope that we can add to these much needed changes.

In our exhibition, Witness: Women Artists Depict Women, we highlight a selection of our inventory that demonstrates how women artists – with respect to those who identify with that gender label – have captured the lives of their peers. Whether images of strangers, family, lovers, or in self-portrait, the observations of the artists are wholly personal, resisting the expectations of the "male gaze" and Western beauty standards to dwell instead in the delight of the everyday, in the surreal and the spiritual, and in the freedom of art for art’s sake.

Included in the exhibition are several established artists, including Imogen Cunningham, Käthe Kollwitz, Judy Dater, Elizabeth Keith, Bertha Lum, Augusta Rathbone, Elisabeth Sunday, and others, as well as several artists who have gone unnoticed, often due to the "woman artist" label. It is our hope that this exhibition helps further the recognition of those who have flown under the radar for too long owing merely to their gender, and to help pave the way for all underrepresented artists of the future.

The exhibition with be available to view in person as well as online. Opening day will be June 1st from noon to 5 p.m. The exhibition catalogue can be viewed here. Contact the gallery to purchase a copy at (707) 546-7352 or at artannex@aol.com.