Karl Heinz Hansen-Bahia Biography

Karl Heinz Hansen-Bahia




Born in 1915 in Hamburg, Germany, Karl Heinz Hansen-Bahia began creating woodblock prints in 1946, focusing his attentions on religious scenes heavily influenced by Durer. He emigrated to Brazil in 1949 where he taught art in Sao Paulo. Here, too, is where his first exhibitions were held before he moved to Salvador Bahia.

His distinctive style and technique. inspired more by the country which became his home than that which he left, made him one of the most important post-war German artists. He returned for a brief time to Germany, but soon accepted a professorship at the Art Academy Adis Ababa in Ethiopia. He remained there until he acquired Brazilian citizenship. The connection to his country of birth remained, however, and extensive retrospectives were held in Germany in 1971-72, the last retrospectives to be held there before his death in 1976 in Brazil.

Hansen-Bahia showed internationally, including Europe, Japan, and both Americas.