Christian Asmussen Biography

Christian Asmussen




Painter and graphic artist Christian Asmussen was born in Faarborg, Denmark, on Februsry 3, 1873. An early interest in the arts led him to work as a theater set deisgner and painter before his formal studies at the Royal Art Academy in Munchen under Soren Lund. He then took up work as a decorative artist in theaters throughout Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria and worked as a graphic aritst as well. 

After returning to Denmark in 1900 he began to focus on oil painting. His subject matter was primarily landscapes of the Dyrehaven Park in Denmark, and in 1924 he competed in the Paris Olympic Games in the art division. He was also known for his woodcuts and blockprints, as well as his watercolor studies. 

Asmussen died in Gentofte, Denmark, on June 29, 1940.