Roger-Maurice Grillon Biography

Roger-Maurice Grillon





Roger-Maurice Grillon, was born in Poitiers, France on September 28, 1881. Roger-Maurice Grillon was the son of Albert-Fulgence Grillon, painter and lithographer in Poitiers.

After having studied with his father and at the School of Fine Arts of Poitiers, and in 1900 studied in the studio of Fernand Cormon in the School of Fine Arts in Paris, the result of a grant from the city of Poitiers, Grillon quickly abandoned academic education, preferring to attend workshops and academies where education was more independent, and where he met Matisse, Marquet, Georges Linaret (1878-1905), Georges Gublin (1873-1909), etc.

In 1939, Raymond Escholier organized a retrospective of his work at the Petit Palais in Paris, exhibiting paintings, drawings and his engravings. Roger Grillon illustrated several books, such as Venus and Adonis Shakespeare (1921, woodcut), Perpignan Delteil Joseph (1927, etchings). He  left Paris to settle first at Céret, then Saint Paul de Vence, then in Prades (from 1922-1927) and finally Lagrasse in the Corbières until his death on June 19, 1938 in Maule.

In 1952, Marc Sandoz presented a major retrospective for Roger Grillon, comprised of eighty works (paintings, watercolors, drawings, illustrations). The museums of Algiers, Angers, Albi, Carcassonne, Ceret, Fontenay-le-Comte, La Rochelle, Grenoble and the National Museum of Modern Art all have works by Grillon.