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Gordon Nicolson




Gordon Nicolson was born Angus Gordon Nicolson on December 19, 1891, to Angus and Lizzie Nicolson in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Little information is found on Nicolson, whose interest in photography at some point brought him to Mexico in the early half of the 20th century. The U.S. census notes that at the age of twenty-five he was registered as a purchasing agent for Crane Company and was the primary support for his father, mother and sister. In 1917 his occupation was listed as stenographer and, in 1922, he was listed in the Bridgeport city directory as a painter.

By 1940 Nicolson was living at 3209 Claremont in Berkeley, California. He was married to Minerva L. Nicolson and he was listed as being self-employed. As of now, no further information has been discovered about Gordon Nicolson's photography or his art.

Angus Gordon Nicholson died in Walnut Creek, California on 15 February 1975.