Tetsuo Araki Biography

Tetsuo Araki




Tetsuo Araki was born in Tokyo, Japan on June 1, 1937. His formal art training began with courses in Western-style painting at the Musashino Art University. Chancing upon the works of Johnny Friedlaender at the Tokyo International Print Biennial in 1960, Araki began to pursue printmaking. He moved to Paris in order to take courses in copperplate engraving at the atelier of the German printmaker, and held his first solo exhibition in Paris in 1967; the following year he was awarded a medal at the Krakow International Print Biennial. Enjoying growing success, he was planning a solo exhibition in Brussels when illness forced him to return to Japan in 1970.

After recovering, Araki furthered his studies in printmaking in 1976 under Tetsuro Komai at the Tokyo University of the Arts, followed by courses in lithography at the Tokyo Printmaking Institute in 1978. He would eventually return to Paris, where he died in 1984 and the age of 47. 

His work is included in the permanent collection of the Portland Art Museum, Oregon, USA; and the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan.