Arthur James Dudley Biography

Arthur James Dudley




As yet, we have found no concrete dates for Arthur James Dudley, who was active in London and the greater British isles, Ireland, and Scotland in the early 20th century. He appears to have been an illustrator with a focus on British village scenes and architecture, and had some of his drawings reproduced in "panchromatic" halftone at Ilford, Inc., in London. At some point, he may have moved to the United States, as the collection of works we have obtained came from a relative here in California. 

In addition to this more formal work, we have in our collection a piece that showcases his more personal style: an ink drawing of a peregrine falcon attacking a dove above the cliffs of Solway Firth, Scotland. Though there is no date, the style alludes to the Art Deco Modernist movement of the late 1920s and early 1930s, and shows a keen eye for detail and dramatic spacial contrast. Clearly a talented artist, we are still in search of more information on Dudley, who appears to have otherwise disappeared from history.

If you have any information on Arthur James Dudley, whose dates may be around 1904 - 1963, the Annex Galleries would greatly appreciate learning more about him. You can contact us by phone at (707) 546-7352 or by email at