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Joe Doyle




Painter, printmaker, and multimedia Abstract Illusionist artist Joe Doyle was born in New York City on February 27, 1941. His formal art education took place at San Francisco State University where he recieved his M.A. in 1971. However, in an interview for the winter 1982 issue of Art Voices magazine, he states that his interest in pursuing art began when, while serving in the Air Force in the mid 1960s, a sergeant who appreciated Doyle's realistic landscape painting relieved him of difficult assignments to allow him to focus on art. This was revoked and he was assigned to KP duty when, instead, Doyle began painting abstracts. 

Doyle's style evolved from political photo-realism to a form of non-objective Op Art in the late 1970s which he and fellow artists James Harvard, Jack Reilly, and George Green referred to as Abstract Illusionism. This later evolved into his mulit-media works that included digital manipulation. He became co-chair of the Digital Arts Department at Berkeley City College and was instrumental in establishing the Digital Arts Club, which was honored with a public proclamation by the mayor of Berkeley in 2010. Doyle taught there until 2019.

Joe Doyle died in San Francisco, California on April 10, 2020. 

Solo exhibitions: 

  • Artist's Gallery, San Francisco, 2008
  • Harcourt's Contemporary Gallery, San Francisco, CA 1991
  • Kennedy Art Center, Holy Names College, Oakland, CA, 1990
  • "Joe Doyle: New Work," Harcourt's, 1988
  • Illinois Metropolitan Center, Chicago, IL, 1986
  • J. Rosenthal Fine Arts, Chicago, 1985
  • Foster Goldstrom Gallery, Dallas, TX, 1985
  • Route 66 Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, 1984
  • Foster Goldstrom, San Francsico, 1983, 1982, 1981, 1980
  • Route 66 Gallery, Philadelphia, 1983
  • San Jose Museum of Fine Art, San Jose, CA 1979
  • Nuage, Environment for Contemporary Arts, Los Angeles, CA 1977