Grace Rhoades Dean Biography

Grace Rhoades Dean




Grace P. Rhoades Dean was born in Cleveland, Ohio on January 15,1878. She studied at the Cleveland School of Art with K. Cox, with Arthur Wesley Dow at Ipswich, MA in 1901.  She married her husband, fellow artist James Ernest Dean (1871 – 1933) on June 29, 1909.  They both studied in Munich between 1910 and 1914 where she was exposed to the German Arts and Crafts artists.

Moving to Hiram, Ohio in 1914/15 she and her husband taught  a “Summer School of Composition and Graphic Arts” based roughly on Dow’s ideas.

She did work as an etcher, block printer, lithographer, painter, and teacher and exhibited extensively: Int. Exhib. Watercolors, Chicago; S.Indp.A., 1917; Toledo MA, 1918-30 (prizes), 1934, 1939 (prize); Toledo Fed. Arts, 1920 (prize), 1924 (prize); Ohio State Fair, 1922 (prize); AIC, 1924; Ohio WC Soc.; Hackley Art Gal., Muskegon, MI, 1926; Omaha; Charleston; Ohio Print Salon, 1930.

Grace Rhoades Dean died in Toledo, Ohio in July of 1968 at the age of 90.