Stephen de Hospodar Biography

Stephen de Hospodar




Stephen de Hospodar (1902-1959), painter and printmaker, was born in Nagy Mihaly, Hungary. He was educated at the Budapest Academy, Columbia University and the National Academy of Design. In New York, he studied under Robert Henri, George Bellows and Charles W. Hawthorne. De Hospodar arrived in California in 1926 setting in Los Angeles where he designed stage sets for the motion picture industry. He is noted for his stark compositions in block prints, he authored two books on block printing, and he exhibited frequently at the Hollywood Public Library and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. De Hospodar is represented in the collections of the Getty Museum, Syracuse University, Dallas Museum of Fine Art, San Diego Museum, Fogg Museum, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, University of California Los Angeles, as well as the Los Angeles, San Diego and New York Public Libraries.