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Andre Chavez




Letterpress printmaker, artbook publisher, and physician Dr. Andre Chavez was born around 1950 in Brazil (exact dates and location not found). Around 1966 he was granted a scholarship from the American Fields Exchange Student Program, living with a host family in East Aurora, New York, where he attended high school. While there, he was exposed to Arts and Crafts design of the famed Roycroft family, which became a growing source of inspiration to him even as he returned to Brazil and pursued a medical degree. 

After his residency in Baltimore, MD and fellowship in Miami, FL, Chavez would become a U.S. citizen and in the 1980s Chavez and his wife, Ann, moved to the Duncan-Irwin House in Pasadena, CA, while Chavez established his career. The city known for its Arts and Crafts architecture and historic connection to major artists of the movement would quickly usher Chavez into circles of Arts and Crafts enthusaiasts. Before long, he made a connection with Peter Hay, owner of Book Alley Bookshop, and together they would found a letterpress printshop in Chavez's garage, calling it Clinker Press. In the meantime, Chavez learned the art of relief printing, carving the decorative blocks for the works published by the Press.

The Press began published chapbooks and broadsides relating to the Arts and Crafts era and artists, as well as books of poetry and short stories. Many of these publications have since been added to the collections of various institutions such as Princeton University and the University of Oregon.

The Chavezes and Clinker Press are now located in Tualatin, OR.