Charles Frantz Joseph Des Moineaux Biography

Charles Frantz Joseph Des Moineaux




Painter and printmaker Charles "Chuck" Frantz Joseph Des Moineaux was born in Creede, Colorado, on August 14, 1899, the descendent of early French immigrants who settled in Blackhawk, Colorado. He never attended art school or received formal training, though he was a talented artist and became a founding member of the Denver Arts Guild in 1928. While draft registration cards exist for both World Wars, it's not clear if Des Moineaux ever served in the U.S. Military, and before he began a career as a commerical artist he worked in a variety of jobs, including as a compass and assay balance maker for Ainsworth & Sons and at various lumber and mining companies. His first professional commercial art job was for the Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company in Denver. He exhibited in the major 1935 Denver show, Rocky Mountain Print Makers, alongside John Taylor Arms, Gordon Grant, Allen Tupper, and others.

Des Moineaux would eventually become the art director for AT&T in Denver, a forty-three year career during which time he continued to paint. However, in keeping with his prior work in the art world, he did not actively promote or sell his work. In 2009 an exhibition of works of the founders of the Denver Artists Guild was held at the Denver Central Library, featuring works by Des Moineaux. 

Charles Frantz Joseph Des Moineaux died in Denver on March 13, 1993.