Hans Brosamer Biography

Hans Brosamer




Dates and specific places are as yet uncertain for German printmaker, painter, and draughtsman Hans Brosamer, a Renaissance-period "Little Master" whose work is credited with raising the bar for woodcuts in Europe. Born in the late 1400s, most likely in Hesse, he was a prolific artist with more than 600 known woodcuts and woodengravings in his oeuvre - possibly exceeding 1,200, as scholars reassess his work in the modern era. He worked with publishers and printers throughout Germany and is now considered one of the most important book illustrators of the mid 16th century. 

Among his commissioned illustrations were the Bible, popular written works such as 
Gülfferich's Melusina and Fortunatus, scientific publications, and workbooks for tradesmen. For many years his apprentice (and possibly son) Martin Brosamer was credited with some of these works, though now many of these have been reattributed to Hans. He died around 1554 in Erfurt, Germany.