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Franklin Delano





Painter, printmaker, and illustrator, Franklin Delano de França e Silva was born in Buíque, Brazil on 29 April 1945. His artist training began in 1961 under the instruction of Abelardo da Hora, Wellington Virgolino and José Cláudio da Silva in Recife, Brazil.

Delano began exhibiting in 1962 and participated in Salons and Biennials and he joined the Ateliê + 10, together with Vicente do Rego Monteiro, Montez Magno, Wellington Virgolino, Anchises Azevedo, Maria Carmen, Liedo Maranhão, and João Câmara.

Early in his career he was an illustrator for the newspapers Jornal da Tarde and Folha de São Paulo, and he also illustrated magazines and book covers. In 1972, Delano worked on the Saci project at INPE, São José dos Campos/SP.

Solo exhibitions of his work were mounted in 1974 and 2000 and he participated in numerous collective exhibitions throughout Brazil.  

Franklin Delano de França e Silva died in Brazil on 17 December 2010.