Bob Nash Biography

Bob Nash



Information on the life and education of American West Coast-based painter Bob Nash is somewhat scare. It is known that he was born Robert Moore Nash on June 28, 1921, in Marin County, California, was raised in San Francisco, and moved to north to Santa Rosa around 1972. He was a member of the Society of Western Artists, serving for a time as Vice President; the Santa Rosa Art Guild, serving for a time as President; and the West Coast Watercolor Society. In 1974, he married Santa Rosa-based artist Clara Jane Dayton (1914 - 1998).

A pamphlet accompanying a work of his sold at auction noted: "Bob Nash is a professional artist known for his watercolors. But he paints in oils and acrylics, too. He's a teacher and a traveling demonstrator, he's a judge of shows and a winner of many ribbons. He's a member and past official of the Society of Western Artists and is one of fifty in the West Coast Watercolor Society Membership. Plus a few clubs more. His subject matter is of people and things of nature. He's rather paint the single leaf than the while tree, or the stump than the whole forest. But then he says that he doesn't paint those things at all but rather something about those things. And that, he believes, is the essence of his work."