Chahab Tayefeh Mohadjer Biography

Chahab Tayefeh Mohadjer




Painter, printmaker, ceramicist, and sculptor Chahab Tayefah Mohadjer, known as simply Chahab, was born in Tehran, Iran, on October 20, 1951. Born into a family of soldiers of the Caucasus region, he was nonetheless determined to become an artist and followed his brother, painter Dariush, to Florence in 1972. Two years later he settled in Nice, France, and enrolled in the École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts à la Villa Arson. There he studied Decorative Arts along with courses in literature and sociology, and was introduced to the gallerist and collector Paul Hervieu, who would become a patron of Chahab.

At his first exhibition, a group show held at Hervieu's gallery in 1977, he met the artists Henri Goetz, James Coignard, Sege Hélénon, and Max Papart, who would become influential to the young artist. Goetz introduced him to carborundum engraving, and Chahab's interest was piqued. He soon traveled to Marseilles to study printmaking, as well as ceramics, at the School of Fine Arts. Among his teachers were Sonia Hopf, under whom he studied engraving, René Richier (screen printing), and Christian Jaccard (lithography).

After earning his diploma in printmaking at Marsailles in 1982, he worked as an assistant at the printmaking department as well as in other schools throughout the region. He then travelled to Aix-en-Provence to study ceramics under Jean Biagini at the School of Visual Arts. At this time he also learned the art of calligraphy, which led to an interest in Persian writing and symbolism as the Iranian revolution began to take hold of his homeland. This would remain a recurring theme of his art throughout his life. In 1986 he moved to Amsterdam and continued his studies as a free auditor at the Rietveld Akademie, studying ceramics and sculpture, and exhibited several times in Holland as well as Sweden, Germany, and France. 

In 1990 he returned to France, now to Tarbes in the Pyrénées region. Availability of a large studio allowed him to focus on large-scale sculptures and mobiles, and he held a major exhibition of these works on the grounds of l'Orangerie du Jardin Massey. Having established a name for himself in France and beyond, his exhibition reach expanded to the United States and Asia. In the late 1990s he purchased an abandoned flour mill in Nay, with the aim of transforming it into an art center. In 2002 La Minoterie opened to the public, offering courses in engraving, an art library, and an exhibition room that soon hosts an annual program for students and artists-in-residence. 

Chahab continues to live and work in Nay, France, and in 2021 held a retrospective of his works at La Minoterie and the Maison Carrée de Nay.

Selected Group Exhibitions: 
1977: Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs, Vence, France
1979: Biennale des jeunes peintres Méditerannées (Henri Matisse prize)
1981: Musée Martigues, Marigues, France; Galerie Lucette Herzog, Aix-en-Provence, France
1982: La Vielle Charité et Alger, public theater decoration, Marseille, France
1982-'84: Biennale International de céramique d'art, Marseille
1986: International Exposition, Works on Paper, Auburn, USA; Haben & Halten, Hamburg, Germany
1988: L'Troupe et le Tiers Monde, engravings, Vienna, Austria; Musée Ethnologie, Groningen, Netherlands
1991: Art Junction Galerie Artazure, Nice, France
1994: Salon de la Gravue a Saint-Ouen, Paris
1994 - 1997: Saga/FIAC Editions, Paris
1998 - 2007: Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden
1999 - 2006: International Art Exposition, New York, USA
2002 - 2003: Galerie Menouar, Paris
2002 - 2004: La Minoterie, Nay, France
2005: La Maison Carrée, Nay
2012: Interart, Heeswikj-Dinthern, NEtherlands
2015: Crypte Saint Eugénie, Biarrtiz

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2021: Retrospective: Minoterie and Maison Carrée, Nay, France
2019: In Art No Borders Gallery, Ventabren, Bouches de Rhône, France; Claire LL Gallery, Oise, France; Chateau Lescombes, Gironde, France
2017, ’18, ’19: Galerie Arte, Dakar, Senegal
2016: Espace d’Art Contemporain, Bedarieux, France; Galerie Ménouar, Paris; Jana Galerie, Tehran, Iran
2015: Galerie Lili Golestan, Tehran, Iran; Hôtel du département, Pau, France
2014: Tara Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2011: Maison des Pyrénées Atlantiques, Paris; Galerie Ménouar
2010, ‘16: La Maleta Galeria de Arte, Valladolid, Spain
2009: La Minoterie, Nay, France; Galerie Nord, Örebro, Sweden; La Commanderie, Lacommande, France
2007: Galerie Ménouar; Galerie Morellon, Toulouse, France
2006: Seyhoun Gallery, Los Angeles; Hourian Gallery, San Francisco, USA; Amana Galerie, Aix-en-Provence
2005, ’07: Galerie Skansen, Göteborg, Sweden
2002, ‘05 DEVENTER (NL) Galerie Loes & Reinier, Deventer, Netherlands; Société High Co, Aix-en-Provence
2004, ’07: Galerie du Menouar
2000, ’02, ’06: Galerie Page, Biarritz, France
2000: Galerie Aria, Tehran
1999: Commission of public installation, l’Abbaye romane d’Alspach, Kayserberg-Vignoble, France
1997, ’00, ’02: Galerie Moscato, Aix-en-Provence
1996, ’99, ’01: Galerie Art Work, Amsterdam
1996: Galerie Agneta Kallur, Stockholm
1995: Mai du Livre Tarbes (FOL), Abbaye de l’Escaladieu, France
1994, ‘97: Galerie Art Sud, Toulouse
1994: Musée Oldenzaal, Oldenzaal, Netherlands
1993, ’96: Abbaye aux dames, Saintes, France; commission of public sculptures and mobiles, Jardin Massey, France
1993, ’00, ’03, ’12: Galerie Ducastel, Avignon, France
1993: Galerie Inter Art, Heeswijk, Netherlands
1992: Galerie G, Copenhagen, Denmark
1989: Musée Jan-Heesterhuis, Schindel, Netherlands
1987, ’92: Signaal Galerie, Amsterdam
1986, ’91: commission of public paintings and murals, Le Port, France
1986, ’87, ’89: Galerie G, Helsinborg, Netherlands
1988: Musée d’Ethnologie, Rotterdam, Netherlands
1982: Musée Cézanne, La Roque d’Anthéron, France