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Rex Kangoak Goose




Inuit/Indigenous Canadian printmaker, carver, and jeweler Rex Kangoak Goose was born in Holman, Victoria Island, Canada in 1965, one of seven children born to artist Bill Goose, an illustrator and printmaker. Kangoak Goose's grandmother was artist Agnes Nanogak, and he was encouraged from an early age to pursue art. The town of Holman, now known by its traditional Inuit name Ulukhaktuk, hosted the Holman Arts Centre (since renamed to Ulukhaktuk), which provided art classes to Indigenous people's of the Northern Territories. Kangoak Goose began taking lessons in drawing at the Centre in 1978.

While he is best known for his carvings in ivory, antler, whalebone, and white alabaster, he is widely recognized for his drawing and lithographic work illustrating the daily lives and lore of the Inuit people. He continues to live and work in Ulukhaktuk. Rex Kangoak Goose's work is held at the Musee National des Beax-arts de Quebec, the Canadian Museum of History, Winnipeg Art Gallery, and Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Caentre, Canada; and the Fine Arts Collection of the University of Alaska Museum of the North, USA.

Selected Exhibitions:
“Inuit Survival”, Enook Galleries, University of Waterloo Art Gallery, Ontario, Canada, 1983
“Visions of Rare Spirit: 20 Years of Holman Prints”, Port Colborne Gallery, Ontario, Canada, 1984
“This is My World”, Windmill Gallery, Phoenix, AZ 1990
“Arctic Mirror”, Canadian Museum of Civilization, 1990
“Nagdjkuk: Gift of the Caribou”, Art Space Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 1993
“The Prints Never Seen: Holman, 1977 – 1987”, Albers Gallery of Inuit Art, San Francisco, CA 1993
“Arts from the Arctic”, Anchorage Museum of History and Art, Alaska (n.d.)
“Contemporary Inuit Drawings”, Muscarelle Museum of Art, Virginia, 1994
“Sulijuk: the Sculpture of Rex Goose”, Northern Images, Yellowknife, CA 1994
“Keeping Our Stories Alive”, Institute of American Indian Arts Museum, Santa Fe, NM, 1995
“Inspiration: Four Decades of Sculpture by Canadian Inuit”, Marion Scott Gallery, Vancouver, B.C., 1996
“Major/Minor”, Marion Scott Gallery, Vancouver, 1996
Inuit Graphics and Drawings from 1959-1990, Arctic Artistry Gallery, Chappaqua, New York, 1996