Michel Estebe Biography

Michel Estebe




Printmaker Michel Estèbe was born in Talence, France, on February 14, 1954. His formal art education took place at the École des Beaux Arts de Bordeaux. To earn a living he ran a lithography studio for several years before focusing on his own projects, working primarily in etching for much of the 1980s. By 1987 he discovered mezzotint and, by the 1990s, he had begun incorporating color into his compositions. He became known for his subtly hued landscapes and still lifes. 

Estèbe continues to live and work in coastal France. 

Selected exhibitions:
1981: Galerie Le Tintamarre, Bordeaux, France
1982: Galerie Bernier, Paris, France
1983/'84: Musée Ingres, Mantauban, France
1985: Galerie Atelier 80, Bordeaux
1987: Galerie Letu, Geneva, Switzerland
1988: Biennale Mondiale d'Estampes, Chamalières, France; Gravures d'Aujoud'hui, Bordeaux
1990: Intergrafik 90, Berlin, Germany; Salon Interational de la Gravure, Nantes, France
1991: Deuxième Triennale Mondiale d'Estampes, Chamalières
1992: Galerie Atelier 80
1993: La Manière Noire, Galerie Michèle Broutta, Paris; Galerie Angelholm, Sweden
1994: Galerie L'Estampe, Strasbourg, France
1995, 2001, '09: Galerie Cupillard, Grenoble, France
1996: Galerie Michèle Broutta; Galerie Synthèse, Brussels, Belgium
1997: Galerie Atelier 80; Galeries Angelholm; Galerie Flamengo, Sweden
2000, '02: Works on Paper, Richard Reed Armstrong Fine Art, New York, NY and Chicago, IL
2004, '06: Arsène Bonafous-Murat, Paris, France
2006, '09: Flateri, Firenze, Italy
2007: Armstrong Fine Art, Cleveland, OH and Chicago, IL
2010: Galerie 2016, Neufchâtel, Switzerland

1997: Drawing award, Académie des Sciences et Belles Lettres de Bordeaux
1983: Award of the Musée Ingres, Montauban