Murtuzali Magomedov Biography

Murtuzali Magomedov




Printmaker and graphic artist Murtuzali Magomedov (also: Murtuzali Gadzhievich) was born in the Republic of Dagestan, Russia, on August 18, 1941. He attended the Ivanovo Art School and became a member of the Moscow Union of Artists in 1966; he was also awarded recognition as a People's Artist of the Republic Dagestan in 1976. He worked as the head of the printmaking department at the Moscow branch of the Union of Artists of the USSR beginning at age 25 and remained there for many years, and in 1991 he opened the Murtuz Art Gallery in Moscow.

He is especially known for his highly stylized images of historic Russian battles and other major events, as well as portraits of prominent Russian citizens. He exhibited in over 130 group shows in Russia and abroad, and 16 solo exhibitions in the USSR. His work is held in major collections throughout Russia, including the Volgodonsk Art Museum, Norilsk Museum, and the Dagestan Museum of Fine Arts.

Magomedov died in Moscow in 2018.