Gudrun Jastrau Biography

Gudrun Jastrau




Little information is found on the life and work of early 20th century Danish artist Gundrun Jastrau. She was born in Copenhagen, Denmark on December 28, 1900 and father, Viggo Jastrau, was himself an artist whose work is found in various collections. She was known especially for her highly detailed and delicately wrought paper-cut silhouettes, several of which were lithographically reproduced for books and other publications. It is known that she worked and exhibited in London as well as her home country at Charlottenborg (1920, 1921) and at the Danish Royal Academy (1920). Her work was favorably critiqued in American Art News (1920), The Connoisseur (1919, 1920), The International Studio (1921), the American-Scandinavian Review (1922), and she illustrated the book Bedstes Billedbog. Jastrau died on October 27, 1947, after a medical operation. Her work is held in Danish Art Library.