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Eva Roemer




Printmaker, painter, and musician Eva Roemer was born in Berlin, Germany, on July 17, 1889. Surrounded by artists as a child, Roemer's exposure to the visual arts set her on a course for painting from an early age. She studied in Berlin and Hamburg art schools before traveling to Italy to study the Old Masters. She also traveled to Holland and, it is thought, to the U.S., as both an artist and an exhibitor.

While Roemer's work isn't entirely scarce, information on her life, education, and career is very limited. It appears that she remained a well-traveled independent artist and illustrator. She was listed in the Werdenfelser Kunstlerlexicon artist dictionary. Her work overwhelmingly features the color blue and her subject matter is often dusky, focusing on evening scenes and images of lakes, imposing wintery moutains, and bodies of water. After a long life, she died in Partenkirchen, Germany, on October 11, 1977.

The Roemer family's lengthy pedigree of luminaries included Eva's father Bernardt Roemer (1852 - 1891), a sculptor; her grandfather Wilhem Hensel (1794 - 1861), Prussian Imperial Court painter; uncle Kurt Hensel, noted mathematician, and her great uncle was composer Felix Mendelsohn. Their lineage can be traced to Menachem Mendel Dessau, a German-Jewish Torah scribe.