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Gusti Von Becker




Painter, printmaker, and illustrator Gusti von Becker, later known as Gusti von Becker-Melly, was born in Vienna in 1879. Her early years were spent in Cairo, and her formal art studies didn't begin until her return to Austria. In Munich she enrolled in courses at the Akademie der Bildenden Kunste in 1897 under professors Theodor Hummel and Angelo Janck. Little is known of her life beyond the very early 1910s, and there is no record of her death date. Her work was published in The Studio in 1906 to positive reviews and she was involved in the Weiner Werkstatte cooperative founded by Koloman Moser and Josef Hoffman, though it remains unclear when she was active in that group.

Group exhibitions:
1908: Kunstschau; Kunstpavillion, Lothringerstrasse

From The Studio: An Illustrated Magazine of Fine & Applied Art, 1906. Vol. 51, pp. 169 - 170: '...Frau Gusti von Becker-Melly was the "guest" of the Werkstatte. She is Viennese, but lives at Munich. Though she has learned from many there is a certain originality in her work. There is quite an astonishing amount of detail in the toilettes of her princesses, duchesses and other ladies - details depicted with much verve and dash. Her colouring is delicate, her atmosphere breezy, and her composition felicitous.'