Egon Stucki Biography

Egon Stucki




20th century printmaker and poster artist Egon Stucki appears to have been based in Switzerland, though very little of his work is found online and there is nothing to be found on his life, education, or birth date. He designed a poster for the 1932 Federal Gymnastics Festival in Aarau, Switzerland, and an international breed dog show at the Neue Markethalle in Burgdorf, Switzerland in 1936.

The dates of the works found online indicate that the Second World War was around the corner, and, like so many artists whose stars were just rising, he may have died as a result of the upheaval in battle or otherwise and his work was lost to time.
It could be that the name "Egon Stucki" was the pseudonym for an artist wanting to keep his commercial work separate from his fine art. Whoever he was, he was a talented artist and clearly trained in classical styles and techniques.

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