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Eleanore Bender




Little information can be found on the artist Eleanore Bender, though she was a member of the Fort Mason Printmakers and contributed to their themed portfolios of prints. Bender’s body of work includes printmaking and sand painting on paper, works that were primarily executed in the late 1970s and early 1980s. In 1975, she was included in a group exhibition at the Marquoit Galleries in San Francisco that also featured prints by Dennis Beall, Karl Folsom, Eleanor Rappe, Mary Tiff, and Phyllis Taplitz. Bender also exhibited at the Meies and Bounds Gallery in Sausalito. The exhibition Caerulea: Ruins and Restoration Eleanor Rappe, Eleanore Bender was featured at the San Jose Museum of Art from October 6 to 31, 1977 and in 1980 the exhibition was installed at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. Bender’s work is included in the collections of the University of California, Berkeley's Graphic Arts Loan Collection and the Minneapolis Art Institute.