Noriwaki Miyamoto Biography

Noriwaki Miyamoto




Biography sourced from the Ren Brown Collection:

Painter and printmaker Noriwaki Miyamoto was born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1940. He began oil painting in 1958, and did not start making prints until 1975. In recent years, he has been creating these exciting intaglio aquatints. He resides in Chiba Prefecture just east of Tokyo.

In notably urban compositions, the artist focuses on planes of color that blend easily. Often colors are overprinted, giving a richness and depth not usually seen in this medium. Buildings have a particular strength and durability which viewers find both reassuring and restful. The designs seem simple, contemporary and solid. Mr. Miyamoto titles these pieces with names such as “Still” and “Memory.” So we surmise he, like many of us, fondly recalls times when our lives were quieter. It is notable that the artist prints very small-sized editions.

CWAJ, Tokyo, since 1999
One and two person shows in Tokyo since 1985
Shunyo-kai Art Society—prize winner, 2003

Tikotin Museum, Israel
Aomori Bank
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Chiang Mai University Art Museum Thailand