Wayloon Chuang Biography

Wayloon Chuang




Wayloon Chuang was born on April 17, 1948 near Shanghai, China to Shen-Lun Chuang and Chu Jin-Yin. He was one of five siblings which included his twin brother Wayfoo Chuang. The family emigrated from China to the United States in 1947. The Chuangs moved to Utah and then on to Ann Arbor, Michigan, Cleveland, Ohio and Washington, DC where his father worked as a naval architect.

Wayloon's work has been exhibited in Washington, D.C. where a critic stated:

"Wayloon Chuang, whose anachronistic figure paintings are at Trocadero, 1608 21st St. NW, might have called his show "Homage to the Freer." The ethereal women that he paints recall Whistler's and Dewing's; they are the sort of genteel ladies Charles Lang Freer admired. And Chuang shares Freer's deep love for gold leaf and tradition and oriental art. One of the painter's demure models has been posed in a long gown, roses at her feet, before a screen by Hokusai. Others, drawn from Ingres, loll about before a rock garden in Japan. Chuang, who draws meticulously, used to fill his art with a surreal scramble of figures, trees, machines, but the better pictures here have the single-minded, stylish assurance of late 19th-century art."

Wayloon Chuang currently lives in the state of Virginia.