Martin Bernigeroth Biography

Martin Bernigeroth




German engraver Martin Bernigeroth was born in Rammelburg, Germany, in 1670, and was trained by engraver Erasmus Andresohn, beginning at an early age. In 1685 he moved to Leipzig and founded his own engraving business, taking courses in math and philosophy at the University of Leipzig. His engraving business became one of the most popular in Germany due to Benigeroth's own talent as well as that of his sons, Johann Martin and Johann Benedict. They specialized in copper plate portraiture and their collective body of work remains one of the most expansive of leading figures of the time, including royalty, philosophers, lauded artists, and the wealthy elite. Bernigeroth alone would produce an estimated 1,600 copper engravings, and among those he trained in engraving were Christian Heckel and Johann Christoph Sysang. 

Bernigeroth died in Leipzig on June 6, 1733. His work is included in the permanent collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent; the Deutsch National bibliothek; the Harvard Art Museums; the National Portrait Gallery, London; Rijksmuseum, the Netherlands; among others.