Kazuko Watanabe Biography

Kazuko Watanabe




Contemporary printmaker, art-book maker, and educator Kazuko Watanabe is a graduate of the San Francisco Academy of Art University. She has taught classes on printmaking at both the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley and the University of California, Berkeley; she continues to live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Selected exhibitions: 
"Digital Printmaking Now," Brooklyn Museum of Art, 2001; "Cultivating Creativity: In Residence at Kala," Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA, 2007; "The Art of the Book," Donna Seager Gallery, San Rafael, CA, 2008; "Prints on the Edge," Togonon Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 2009; "Material Matters," Seager Gray Gallery, Mill Valley, CA, 2015; "Art of the Book," Seager Gray Gallery, Mill Vally, CA, 2016.

Watanabe was the recipient of The 1999 Library Fellows Award from The National Museum of Women in Arts Foundation in Washington D.C. for her bookmaking.