Hedwig Brecher Eibuschitz Biography

Hedwig Brecher Eibuschitz





Hedwig Brecher Eibuschitz, painter, printmaker and industrial designer, was born in Vienna on 12 November 1880 to Adolf Abraham and Ludovika Liba Brecher. She was known as Hedy Brecher. Hedwig studied at the Art School for Women and Girls in Vienna. At the turn of the twentieth century, Vienna was an emerging center of creativity with the Viennese movement of modern art and the Secession led by Gustav Klimt, but it was not a place to study painting or sculpture if one happened to be a woman. Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts did not open its doors to women until 1920. Women were excluded from higher education or severely limited as to what they could study. Associations were founded to assist their members with places to study and exhibit and Brecher Eibuschitz joined the Association of Austria’s Women Painters founded in 1910. It has been noted that Brecher Eibuschitz studied printmaking with Ludwig Michalek. Hedwig Brecher married Leopold Eibuschitz and they raised two daughters. At an unknown date, the Eibuschitz family moved to South Africa where Hedwig died in 1959.