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Alejandro Colunga





Alejandro Colunga was born in Guadalajara, Mexico on December, 11, 1948. He studied architecture at the University of Guadalajara while beginning his career as an artist. He worked in a circus for a while.  Between 1968 and 1972 he studied music and tourism and later traveled extensively to Brazil, Europe, Africa, India and the United States.  His work is surreal in nature and informed by the artist Rufino Tamayo.

His art, with its color, sensuality, and fanciful imagery, is a synthesis of Mexican folklore and other cultures. His bizarre canvases are filled with bold colors and mystical settings. He has been described as a “trickster/satirist” who takes classical Mexican forms, themes or motifs and “corrupts” them with foreign elements. Yet Colunga also presents the Mexican’s identity in his blend of the solemn and the absurd while celebrating the energy in Mexico’s visual and oral traditions.

In 1988 he received the "Minervra a las Artes" prize and in 1994 received the "Jalisco a las Artes" prize and the "Arquitectura" prize for the sculpture "La Sala de los Magos", which is situated in front of the Hospicio Cabanas, in the gardens.