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David Culp




Painter David Culp was born in Los Angeles in 1942. His mother was a public school teacher and his father was the director of an advertising agency. Culp graduated with a degree in psychology from Whittier College in 1963 and joined the California National Guard soon thereafter. Little is recorded of his pursuit of art or his art education, though some of his exhibitions are listed from the years 1986 to 2017. Culp is primarily drawn to urban street scenes and frequently works in impasto. He was listed in "Encyclopedia of Living Artists in America 1987", "International Contemporary Masters 2011", and "Inspiration: International Art Book, Contemporary Masters Collection, 2016". 

Selected exhibitions:
International Fine Art, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, NY 2007, 2009-2014, 2017
Art-Exchange.com, Impressionist Exhibtion, 2005
La Quinta Arts Festival, La Quinta, CA 1989
"Affaire in the Gardens" exhibition, Beverly Hills, CA 1987
Group exhibition, Ariel Gallery, NY 1986