Rita Simon-Atirnomis Biography

Rita Simon-Atirnomis




It is thus far hard to find real information about this artist. This "biography" was found on-line:

Rita Simon's prints are striking visuals. Where no idea or image is out of bounds, Simon reaches beyond conventional understanding to depict un-worldly concepts she fantasizes. Says she: "I use elements of reality to create my own reality." Her complex and dream-like prints are more like visions in mystery. Familiar objects such as spheres, eyes, balls of yarn, birds, and windows and mirrors lighten her vision and mystify ours." Her fascination with mirrors and reflections was previously apparent in her signature - ATIRNOMIS - Rita Simon spelled backwards.

In 1971 and again in 1974, her work was exhibited in the windows of two dozen Madison Avenue galleries, an exhibition that brought her a great amount of attention, and positive press coverage. A graduate of Cornell University and the Academy of Rome in Italy, Simon has written for various art publications and has coordinated original theme exhibitions including "Reality Plus" at the James Yu Gallery, Soho.