Myra Landau Biography

Myra Landau



Myra Landau was born December 5, 1926 in Bucharest, Romania. After extensive travel throughout Europe and the United Sates she moved to Brazil. Art critics, like Arancy Amaral, Frederico de Morais (Brazil), Jorge A. Manrique (who described her work as being “brutal and refined’) and Rita Eder have recognized Myra Landau’s artistic contribution and describing it with considerable esteem.

Landau has lived for a considerable time in other countries rich with culture and social diversity. These diverse cultures have given her work a cosmopolitan outlook. For example, the period she spent in Brazil where, in collaboration with Master Osvaldo Goeldi, she created numerous works using various graphic techniques.

In Mexico Myra Landau helped introduce a new technique of engraving on metal, utilizing acids, but printed from the surface, called ‘Metal Relief.’ The ‘Metal Relief’ works earned her mention in the important magazine "El Nuevo arte de los metal", especially from the universally known art critic Paul Westheim and many articles from the great connoisseur of art, reviewer and historian Jorge Olvera.

Myra Landau had her first individual exhibition in Mexico in 1963. The catalogue was written by Paul Westheim. She did not stop with "engraving arts" but continued her in-depth research finally succeeding through the expression of pastel on raw linen.

In 1974 she began working as teacher in the Veracruzana University in the faculty of Fine Arts. In 1975 she became a full-time researcher for the Institute of Aesthetics and Artistic Creation at the University.

At the moment, Myra Landau’s resume contains more than sixty individual exhibitions and approximately one hundred and fifty collective exhibitions in different countries;(Mexico, France, Italy, Brazil, United State, Peru, Uruguay, Spain, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, etc.).

In 1994, she has been resident in Rome, Italy, later moving to Jerusalem, Israel where she lived for 6 years. Myra Landau currently resides with her family in Holland.