John T. Bowen Biography

John T. Bowen




Printmaker, painter, and illustrator John T. Bowen was born circa 1801 in England. Early accounts of his life are scarce, but it is known that he emmigrated to the U.S. in 1834, working as a colorist and lithographer in New York before relocating to Philadelphia four years later to work on Thomas McKenney's "History of the Indian Tribes". He purchased the print shop Wild & Chevelier on Wlanut Street and soon established himself as the preeminent lithographer and hand-colorist of Philadelphia. In addition to the McKenney collaboration, he published several folios and books including Views of Philadelphia, Audubon's Quadrupeds and Birds of America, and Log Cabin Politicians, as well as maps and atlases. He lived in Philadelphia with his wife and fellow artist, Lavinia, until his death around 1856. Lavinia would carry on her husband's lithography business for some time.

An in-depth biography can be found at The Library Company of Philadelphia.