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Printmaker Eugene Blumkin (Evgeny Blyumkin) was born on September 2, 1947, in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), Russia. He graduated from the Moscow Polytechnic Institute in 1976 with an emphasis on printed graphics and technical design. Upon graduation he was accepted into the Institute of Archeology of the Academy of Sciences, Uzbek, as a senior artist hired to document expeditions with detailed drawings. He was sent to archeological sites throughout Central Asia and produced seven cycles of etchings pertaining to the expedition. 

In addition to his scientific artwork, he is most known for his imagery of Leningrad/St. Petersburg, and created several albums of engravings dedicated to the city of his birth. In the early 2000s he traveled to Italy for the first time, and returned several times to capture the medieval architecture and other classical subjects, finding inspiration in the intertwined styles of historic Italy and Russia which he revisited for several years. In 2023, these works were highlighted in 
the Museum of Printmaking, a division of the History Museum of St. Petersburg, titled "Yevgeny Lyumkin: Journey from St. Petersburh to Italy". 

While he is known for his illustrations and cycles done in mezzotint and etching, he has also worked in woodcut and lithography. Blumkin was awarded the Diploma of the Union of Artists of Russia in 2012, and in 2017 a retrospective of his work, titled "An Attempt at Balance", was held in the Blue Living Room gallery at the St. Petersburg Union of Artists.He continues to live and work in St. Petersburg.