Kunihiro Amano Biography

Kunihiro Amano




Kunihiro Amano was born in Hirosake, Aomori Prefecture in 1929, and he was known for his woodblock designs. He graduated from Aomori Prefectural Technical School. He taught himself woodblock print making and first exhibited his prints in 1955. Amano's prints are figural, geometrical, and semi-abstract. Many of his images have more or less visible sexual symbols integrated in them.

Kunihiro Amano exhibited at the Tokyo Print Biennial in 1957, 1960, 1962 and 1964; the 2nd International Young Artists Exhibition in Paris, France in 1960; Sao Paulo International Exhibition Biennial in Brazil in 1967; and he won many prizes all over the world.

He also exhibited at the National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo, Japan, Kamakura Museum of Modern Art, Japan; National Museum of Modern Art, New York; Washington Library of Congress, Washington D.C.; Oregon University Art Museum; Lugano Museum of Modern Art, Switzerland; Poznan Museum of Modern Art, Poland; Krakow Museum of Modern Art, Poland; National Gallery Oslo, Norway; Albertina Museum, Vienna, Austria and Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, Germany.