Edward H. Del'Orme Biography

Edward H. Del'Orme




Edward Howard Del'Orme, sometimes found listed as Delorme, was born in New York City about 1861. He was a nineteenth century wood engraver who specialized in reproducing other artists' work. George Howes Whittle devoted a chapter to Edward Howard Del'Orme in his series of Monographs on American Wood Engravers:

"Del'Orme's father, Paul H. Del'Orme was thoroughly trained as a wood engraver and taught his son the skills necessary to follow in the trade. When he was sixteen or seventeen years old, young George began an apprenticeship with the establishment of Messrs. Harper and Brothers. During these years he continued his studies in drawing and painting under August Will. At the age of twenty-three with his apprenticeship years behind him, he headed to England with his friend C. I. Butler. There with the help of the American artist, E.A. Abbey, the two young artists were given introductions to painters and commissions followed. Del'Orme earned a commission to engrave for The English Illustrated Magazine. After completing several successful commissions, Del'Orne returned to the United States and his first work here was for The Century Magazine. He also worked for Scribner's.

Del'Orme seems to have fallen into obscurity, which is certainly the result of the decline of wood engraving in its commercial aspect. He rarely exhibited, but was a recipient of a medal from the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, 1892-1893. His work is represented in the Carnegie Museum of Art, the National Gallery of Art, and Harvard Art Museums."Hi