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Obie Bowman




Obie Bowman, architect and artist, was born in Santa Monica, California in April of 1943. Over the years Bowman attended USC, UC Berkeley, Otis Art Institute, Chouinard Art Institute and the LA Design Center.

Growing up in Southern California, Bowman witnessed the paving of the Los Angeles River and the suburbanization of the San Fernando Valley. These events set the course for his life, geared toward architecture in the natural environment. In 1971 he married and moved to the Mendocino-Sonoma County coast in Northern California where he started his architectural practice at The Sea Ranch, a community located at the Pacific shore. Bowman became a noted and respected architect, winning numerous awards for his innovative designs. After semi-retirement he moved to Dry Creek Valley in the Sonoma County wine country where he began drawing in earnet, primarily using pen and ink.

Much of Bowman's work is rooted in the biomorphic aspects of nature. He considers California artists Rico Lebrun (1900-1964) and Jerald Silva (born 1936) as important mentors.

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