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Morgan Dennis




Morgan Dennis was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1892 and grew up on Long Island, New York. Dennis studied art at the America School of Design in NY with W.H.W. Bicknell and Stanhope Forbes.  He moved to Key West, Florida where he lived on a houseboat, "The Sea Dog".

Known primarily for his dog subjects, he began his career as an author/illustrator with a special aptitude for portraying dogs. Perhaps his biggest success was his creation for Dewar’s of the "Black and White Scotties" commissioned and used as advertising by the Black and White Scotch Whiskey Company for many years. One of his murals, "The Dog House", is in the bar and lounge of the Sheraton Russell Hotel in New York.

Dennis was also an author and illustrator, his publications include: "Pup Himself", 1943; "Burlap", 1956; "Morgan Dennis Dog book" 1946 and “Skit and Skat”, 1951, to name a few. His etchings of dogs are recognized and collected world wide. The Ladies Home Journal magazine also ran a monthly feature he wrote and illustrated called, “Every Dog Has His Say ”.

Morgan Dennis died in Key West, Florida on October 22, 1960.