Emilio Diaz-Cantelar Biography

Emilio Diaz-Cantelar




Painter, printmaker, and graphic artist Emilio Diaz-Cantelar was born in Seville, Spain, in 1944. Though he was interested in art from an early age he did not pursue it for many years, choosing to join a dance troupe. It wasn't until he was offered an apprenticeship by the painter Miguel Perez Aguilera in 1971 that he began to paint. After a year, he decided to try a formal approach and enrolled at the Superior School of Fine Arts, Santa Isavel de Hungary, studying painting and engraving. After graduation in 1976 he traveled to Barcelona to study muralism and lithography, working with printmaker Juan E. Rodriguez. 

Today, Diaz-Cantelar continues to work in lithography, watercolor, and oils, and is also known for his poster work, creating imagery for various major festivals and government commissioned events throughout Spain. His work is held in the permanent collections of museums throughout Europe and South America.