Wendell Corwin Chase Biography

Wendell Corwin Chase




Wendell Corwin Chase was born in Seattle, Washington on September 6, 1897.  He has been described as an artist, poet, philosopher, woodsman, mountaineer, botanist, and craftsman. Chase was self-educated, painting, sketching, and creating woodcuts that he learned how to make, along with his brother Waldo, from a manual by Frank Morley Fletcher. Exhibitions include the Honolulu Academy of Art, The Fine Arts Gallery in Palm Beach, and the Corcoran Gallery, among others. Chase authored the book Teepee Fires, which describes his four-year adventure of living in a teepee on Mount Ranier and sketching throughout Washington State with his brother.  The book includes reproductions of W. Corwin's work and instructions on how to make wood block prints.  W. Corwin Chase died in December of 1988 in Vaughn, Washington.

Exhibited: Honululu, 1931 (solo); Salt Lake City, 1936 (solo); Frederick & Nelson, Little Gallery, Seattle, 1938 (solo); Wash. State Hist. Soc., 1964 (solo); Tacoma Pub. Lib., 1969 (solo); Chicago, IL; St. Louis, MO; NYC