Isadore Weiner Biography

Isadore Weiner



Isadore Weiner was born in Chicago in 1910. Weiner was most known for his paintings, woodcuts and lithographs. His work ranged greatly in figures and landscape. He studied art at the Art Institute of Chicago. While working for the Illinois WPA graphics program in the 1930's in Chicago he produced cohesive prints of landscape and figures. Wiener taught art at Hull House and exhibited in Chicago. He shared a studio on the South Side of Chicago with Max Kahn, Eleanor Coen, and Misch Kohn in the late 1930s where they all had a small ltihography studio which the School of the Art Institute of Chicago did not support. 

Isadore Weiner's most famous works of art were established from the line of work he did while he worked for WPA. Most of Isadore Weiner's lithographs were published in very small editions. Today the original prints of Isadore Weiner are included in the Wisconsin Union Art Collection, the National Museum of American Art, the Smithsonian, Illinois State Museum and the United States Government Collection.

Isadore Weiner died in California in 1964.