Dorothy Barbara Thomas Haddaway Biography

Dorothy Barbara Thomas Haddaway




Dorothy Barbara Thomas Haddaway (née Thomas), artist, designer, and illustrator, was born in Lawrence, Kansas on December 10, 1902. What we were able to glean from our research is that Thomas studied design in the late 1920s at Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles. She married John Kersey Haddaway in 1932 after the Los Angeles Olympic Games. Her watercolors and drawings of the Olympics are signed with her initials, BT. She rendered the sights and attractions at the 1935 California Pacific International Exposition in San Diego in a series of pastels. Her images of Rio, an Indo China temple, and the floating gardens of Mexico City suggest a world traveler or a wonderful honeymoon.

Barbara designed a series of large panels depicting Christmas around the world as well as other artistic displays for Bullock’s—a luxury department store founded at Seventh & Broadway in Los Angeles. John and Barbara moved to Mammoth Lakes in 1947 where they built their home and a building for the Haddaway Manufacturing Company. He was a successful inventor and manufacturer of electric air pumps for fish tanks. They launched a campaign in the early 1950s to gain National Monument status for the Mono Crater Chain.

Dorothy Barbara Thomas Haddaway died in Bishop, California on December 8, 1992.