Richard Henry Campiglio Biography

Richard Henry Campiglio




Richard Henry (Dick) Campiglio was born in Santa Barbara, California in the year 1928.  He studied at the University of California Santa Barbara and completed his studies there in 1955. 


Campiglio had to interrupt his studies between 1950 and 1952, serving in the military during the Korean War.  He was stationed in Japan and served on the front lines in Korea.   He lived most of his life in California, except for a stint in Japan voluntarily working for the Red Cross.  Upon his return to the United States Campiglio continued his professional career as a social worker and as the Director of the Juvenile Reform Hall in Santa Barbara for eight years. 


He resigned from this position with the intent to pursue his painting full time, his true calling in life.  He left for Spain in 1965, settling in Pollensa, Majorca, Spain where he maintained his art studio in Pollensa. 


Richard Henry Campiglio died in Palma, Majorca, Spain on the 6th of January of 1989.