William Richard Crutchfield Biography

William Richard Crutchfield




William Richard Crutchfield was born in Indianopolis, Indiana on January 21, 1932. Crutchfield studied at Herron School of Art, Indiana University in Indianapolis, receiving his Bachelors in Fine Art. He later received his Masters in Fine Art in 1960 at Tulane University in Louisiana.

Crutchfield worked at both Gemini and Tamarind print workshops, beginning in the 1960s, and produced 'Air Land Sea', a suite of 13 lithographs. It was complete during his second visit as a guest artist at Tamarind. In the portfolio, Crutchfield employed his characteristic style by using tusche applied with a pen to create the inventive subject matter. Crutchfield then had the printer apply various colors of ink to one roller to create the blended effect of the palette. He later applied his printmaking skills using screenprinting.

Crutchfield exhibited at the Minneapolis Institute of Art in 1967; Fort Lauderdale Museum of Arts, Florida in 1971; New Jersey State Museum, Trenton in 1971 and 1972; California Prints in 1972; Museum of Modern Art, New York in 1972; Dorsky Gallery, New York in 1972. He won awards: Mary Miliken award for travel in Europe; Herron School of Art, Indiana University in 1956; Fulbright scholar, State Art Academy in Hamburg, Germany in 1961.

William Crutchfield died in San Pedro, California on April 20, 2015.