Ferdinand Steiniger Biography

Ferdinand Steiniger




Ferdinand Steiniger (sometimes spelled Steininger) was a German Jewish printmaker, illustrator, and painter, born in Leipzig in 1882. He studied at the Dresden Kunstgewerberschule and the Kunstakademie in the Saxon capitol in order to work with Richard Muller, Oskar Zwintscher, and Eugen Bracht. He lived in Loschwitz, a Dresden burrough popular with artists at the time.

Much of his work focused on landscapes of Dresden and its surroundings, but he was also known for portraits and exlibris. In 1938 he held a solo exhibition at the Badischer Kunstverein art association in Karlsruhe. He died in Loshwitz in 1951.

Steiniger's work can be found in the Glachau Museum and the British Museum's permanent collection.